Global Academic Leaders Gather at CKSRI for Hong Kong Partners Week







The CKSRI is delighted to welcome representatives from 38 esteemed universities worldwide as part of the acclaimed Hong Kong Partners Week. This seminal event is a joint effort by four premier Hong Kong universities CityU, CUHK, PolyU, and HKUST to enhance the "Study in Hong Kong" initiative.


The visiting delegates, comprising international colleagues from prominent institutions in the United States and Europe, specialize in student exchange collaborations. Their time at CKSRI has been marked by an enthusiastic appreciation for the Institute's warm reception and an admiration for its cutting-edge research capabilities and facilities. They have recognized the considerable opportunities for collaborative research projects at CKSRI that hold the promise of significant societal impact.


Through the establishment of global partnerships, CKSRI is dedicated to promoting a vibrant exchange of knowledge and fostering collaborative research. These international engagements play a crucial role in CKSRI's mission to drive innovation and contribute to societal progress on an international scale.

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