A Fully Functional Auxetic Electronic System

Group-in-charge: Prof. Hongyu YU

In this project, we have the following missions:

1. Understanding from mathematics and mechanics of origami tessellations and addressing the technical challenges from electronics and manufacturing to facilitate the development of smart garments.

2. Developing the additive and micro-manufacturing for multi-functional and multi-scale devices (such as thermoelectric energy conversion devices) for monitoring human movement and health.

3. Developing the packaging technology for origami-inspired systems to get a fully functional auxetic (growable) electronic system for wearable applications.

Published paper link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41528-021-00099-8. https://orisys.hkust.edu.hk/?page_id=2328



Ultralight Sound Absorber

Group-in-charge: Prof. Hongyu YU

Focus Area: Public Health – To absorb noise

A novel ultra-light metamaterial for sound absorption based on Miura-ori tessellation structure, which exists an extremely low mass packing density with only 10.64 mg/cm3. This sound absorber, made from nanofibrous materials which is environmentally friendly and has good biocompatibility, has excellent soundproof function and can be widely used in humans’ daily life.